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Wednesday, 19 June 2024
4xCashCompounder EA FREE indicator mt4
4xCashCompounder EA FREE indicator mt4

4xCashCompounder EA FREE indicator mt4

Watch the testing video here:

he 4xCashCompounder is not a new EA but it’s still one of my favourites and it’s been in my portfolio since it’s been released.

It trades using a purely mathematical strategy… and you know that it is my preferred approach for automatic trading.

As soon as the EA is started it opens a buy order and at the same time a sell stop order 25 pips below. The target is placed 70 pips from the entry. If the sell order is triggered a buy stop order is placed where the first one has been placed. The trick is in the lot size of the orders. Every stop order has an incresed lot size that is based on the Fibonacci sequence. So if the first order is sent with 0.1 lots, the second will be 0.2 (it skips the second 0.1), the third 0.3, the forth 0.5, then 0.8, 1.3 etc. When the last sent order reaches 70 pips profit everything is closed.

A few tricks…

  • stop it trading by Friday. If it closes all the positions by Friday it’s better not to let it go during the weekend. On Sunday, restart it a few hours after the Tokyo opening. In general it is good to stop it trading when there’s no volatility (banks holidays, holiday periods, etc).
  • use it only on EURUSD. Despite of the fact that it can be applied to any currency the default settings are made for EURUSD.
  • the EA should not be traded 24/7 but it should be traded on days with some volatility. To do that check the news calendar and look for important news for EUR and USD. Those are the best days to let it trade. Don’t trade it in flat days for EUR and USD.
  • The best levels to let it start trade is at S/R levels or round numbers ( like 1.3000, 1.3100 etc).You can find the strongest S/R in many way.

If used well the 4xCashCompunder is a pip machine. It needs a little “intelligence” in trading it as it’s a real automatic trading tool.

Account type: Standard CENT ACCOUNT AND  ECN
Deposit: $2000
Leverage: 1:5000
The test time: 6 months.

timeframe: 6 months.
Total trades: 446
Average trades per month: 400
Total profit: $1,358,890

Tested on the real Forex account!

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