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Sunday, 21 April 2024


Watch the testing video here:


The EA XAUUSD AMAZING is designed for the most popular currency pair XAUUSD.

The EA was tested on a constant spread = 7 pips

Ea Xtremum Gold is a balanced sum of my two best Expert Advisors Bravissimo  and Invicto XAUUSD! If a respected trader has previously bought both Bravissimo XAUUSD and Invicto Gold advisers, he does not need to buy an Xtremum Gold adviser!

Timeframe H1. The EA was created and tested using Tick Data Suite GMT+2. This GMT offset is used by most brokers.

This EA Xtremum Gold is my best work (together with the EA Rigger GBPJPY), the most complex EA, which is a complete portfolio of 18 EAs. EA Xtremum Gold has been in the making for many years. Many manual and automatic trading developments have been added to the EA. 

An Expert Advisor is a large portfolio of such Expert Advisors: 

- The first strategy (EA Bravissimo XAUUSD) is Expert Advisor that grasps big trends, 

- The second strategy (EA Invicto XAUUSD) is Expert Advisor that try to immediately break even and take any movements (even small movements).

We recommend testing each strategy separately.

You can then enable both strategies at the same time. You will see two strategies trading at the same time!

The algorithm does not use dangerous methods of money management, such as martingale, grid or hedge. Absolutely all deals are protected by stop loss. It is a safe long-term Expert Advisor, aimed at professional users and serious investors. 

Easy to install, just attach to a chart with default settings and select the desired risk level (the default setting is low risk).

§ Recommended account type – any account type

Any broker that has small spreads on Gold!

§ Leverage - any leverage is ok, even 1:20 

§Minimum deposit: $1000 

§ VPS is recommended 

Any broker with minimum slippage and minimum spread is recommended.


§ Not a martingale, arbitrage, hedge or other dangerous methods of money management are use 

§ Hard stop loss and take profit for each position 

§Smart risk control module

Advisor settings: 

smm = "----------- Money Management - Fixed size -----------" 

mmlots = 0.01 - Initial trading lot size/ Middle risk - 0.01 lots for every $1,000 

lot_type LotType = FIX (set to AUTO if you want Automatic Money Management) 

balance=1000 - Deposit amount (USD) at which the initial lot will be opened, if Auto is selected in "lot_type"

sdtq = "----------- Terminal time setting -----------"

BrokerTimeOffset     = 2                // Manual offset Broker time GMT.  If you are testing an adviser in the Metatrader Tester - set the correct offset for your GMT (number 1; ...9;... )

GmtAuto              = false                // Auto offset Broker time GMT.  If you install the adviser on a demo or Real account - in the adviser settings, simply set "True" and write the site address "http://worldtimeapi.org" in your Metatrader settings

separator11f         = "http://worldtimeapi.org" // if use Auto Add to--> Tools/Options/Expert Advisor 

seof = "----------- Exit On Friday -----------

ExitOnFriday = false (default. You can experiment with this, set it to True) 

FridayExitTime = "23:00" - You can turn off the adviser before the holidays at this time

smtpd = "----------- Max Trades Per Day -----------"; 

MaxTradesPerDay = 0 - You can set 1 or 2 trades per day. This will reduce the profit of the adviser, but ensure the safety of trading

smmslpt = "----------- Min/Max SL/PT-----------" 

MinimumSL = 0; //Minimum SL in pips - you can change these values to experiment a bit with stop losses and take profits 

MinimumPT = 0; //Minimum PT in pips 

MaximumSL = 0; //Maximum SL in pips 

MaximumPT = 0; //Maximum PT in pips

Potential risk! 

§ All the test show just a potential performance of EA!  

§ Trade 0.01 lots for every $1,000 - low risk.

Reduce the number of trades in the MaxTradesPerDay = 0 parameter (0 - the EA will open all trades without limitation. Number 1 - the adviser will open only one trade in one day.)

§ Real life trading results can vary from one broker to another 



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