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Wednesday, 07 June 2023
Best Binary Option Software Free
Best Binary Option Software  Free

Best Binary Option Software Free

Watch the testing video here:

How does it work?








Insert API Token.....


Choose / Write Strategy.....


Let The Bot Works.....


  •  Digit Match
  •  Digit Differ
  •  Digit Odd/Even
  •  Digit Under/Over 
  •  Rise/Fall
  •  Higher/Lower
  •  Touch/NoTouch
  •  OnlyUp/OnlyDown
  •  ResetCall/ResetPut

Microsoft .Net Framework version 4.6 (optional)


 - Please download .Net Framework & install to your PC if not isntalled yet

Download & Run The Bot to Start Trade

 - Please go to Gallery page if you want to see completed preview of this Bot


  • Master Account, Slave Account
  • Digit Percentage, Digit Count, etc
  • Odd Even Percentage, Under Over Percentage
  • Running Last Digit, Digit Analyzer
  • Live Chart for Last Digit, Worm Price, Candle Stick
  • Load & Save Setting, Export data to Spreadsheet
  • On/Off Stake Multiplier
  • Tick Delay to Execute
  • Build-In Screen Capture for Trade Execution & Result.
  • Build-In Screen Recorder. (Play video with VLC Media Player / Windows Media Player)
  • Multiple Tab
  • Multiple Digit
  • Hedging
  • Manual
  • Custom Strategy (1B 5R 3B 9R,UD,OE,RB,RGB,LD,Barrier,Trend)
  • And More....

Last update version 1.6.4:

  • Added New Market Volatility 10 (1s) Index : (Unavailable)
  • Added New Market Volatility 100 (1s) Index : (Unavailable)
  • Fixed! Worms Chart
  • Last Candle for TimeFrame 1,2,3,5,10,15,30 Patterns Available
  • Use Last Digit Percentage for Writing Patterns
  • Fixed!!! Digit Count Status and Digit Percentage Status
  • View Missing Last Digit Filtering in (5T,10T,15T,20T,25T,50T,75T,100T)
  • View CandleStick Graphics TimeFrame (1M,2M,3M,5M,15M,30M)

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