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Wednesday, 19 June 2024


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Trading System Anatomy

  • MTF BrainTrend2Sig: It signals the market momentum with a series of arrows horizontally. The arrow points the possible direction of the upcoming trend which needs to be supported by other trend following indicators for better confirmations.
  • BrainTrend2SigAlert5: This indicator plots the trend signal with single arrow. As like as MTF BrainTrend2Sig, it also points the momentum direction with the arrows but requires a positive match with other momentum indicators of the system.
  • MTF BrainTrend2: It appears almost as like as popular Forex indicator ‘Heiken Ashi’. It turns red when the momentum is bearish and turns blue to signal the bullish momentum.
  • BrainTrend1StopLine: This tool plots the dynamic stop level at the main chart window. Price pulls back against the trend and breaks this level signals the possible change of the current trend direction.
  • Gann HiLo Activator: You’ll find this indicator plotted as like as the moving averages and also works with the same manner. Price holds its position above its level indicates the bullish momentum. In a contrary, price begins to close and hold below its level signals the existence of the bearish momentum.
  • WHA: It is a supportive trend indicator. It basically validates the trend signals from other indicators of the system with its own filter. When the trend is bullish, maximum of its portion turns green/blue with an upward arrow. On the other hand WHA turns red with downward arrow supports the bearish momentum of the market.

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