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Monday, 16 May 2022
Currency Strength D1 V4.1 ($443)
Currency Strength D1 V4.1 ($443)

Currency Strength D1 V4.1 ($443)

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Completely Automated Forex trading system that can win all time


The currency strength strategy is very popular so it has now been turned on an Expert Advisor. Mr Am is one of the famous news traders who is also known as the News Profiteer.

Our currency strength EA gives you a quick visual guide to which currencies are currently strong, and which ones are weak.

The signals are based on Currency Strength Meter and secret calculation formula. This Currency Strength Meter was made based on candlestick formula.

The Expert Advisor measures the strength of all forex cross pairs and applies calculations on them to determine the overall strength for each individual currency.


These news trading cheat sheets give you the list of tradable news and how to trade it. Mr Am has turned his extremely popular currency strength meter on a 100% automated trading robot! 

This is a typical currency strength measurement tool based on price action of the candle. This is an expert advisor, simply have a visual display to help you to monitor the best currency pairs to trade.

Currency Strength Robot is a unique Expert Advisor for determining the short-term strength of any currency.

Each currency strength is determined by an index of the currency with the strength of 7 other major currencies. An Expert Advisor is constantly monitoring price action across 28 currency pairs and 56 combinations; taking the following o consideration

  • Price volatility.
  • Short-term price range.
  • Short-term price action and candle formation.

The currency strength Expert Advisor concept is measured based on the time frame that it is placed on.

For best results use the default setting . 

  • Automatic settings can trade above 0.5 average of currency pairs.

Manual settings

  • A strong currency is indicated with a GREEN color above 7.0.
  • A weak currency is indicated with a RED color below 2.0.
  • Currencies that are GREY are not trending.

If all currencies are GREY then Expert Advisor will wait for a better time to trade. In fact this is great Open Position if time it right. As soon as one of the currencies breaks out into a STRONG or WEAK indication then there is an opportunity to grab some nice pips. 

This an Expert Advisor is always trade a pair that is WEAK/STRONG or vice versa. 

This is my favorite Expert Advisor for automatic picking the right pair. 

How Does The Currency Strength Expert Advisor Work?

The EA takes readings from every forex pair over the last 24 hours, and applies calculations to each. It then bundles together each the associated pairs to an individual currency (eg, EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USC/CAD etc) and finds the current strength and then open position automatically.

CURRENCY STRENGTH D1 V4.1  SETTINGS By default EA has right profitable settings.  Also We have provide additional set file. Use this EA in any time as EA does not depends on Time Frame. This EA works based on live market Data.  Run this EA on only one pair and from one pair EA can select any suitable signals to open new trades. 100% Automatic EA.   Input Details Trading Lots. – Default fixed trading lot size if Auto lots is false. Auto Lots- Auto Lost based on  LotPercent.  LotPercent – Auto Lot size selection based on capital UseSLTP- Visible Stop loss and Take profit for market orders. Take Profit – Visible Take profit Stop Loss – Visible Stop Loss Use_Hidden_TP- Hidden take profit Level to close running market orders. Hidden_TakeProfit- Hidden Take Profit Points Use_Hidden_SL - Hidden Stop Loss Level to close running market orders. Hidden_SL- Hidden Stop Loss Points Use_TrailingStop- Enable or Disable Trailing Stops. TrailingStop – Trailing Stop value in Points TrailingActivatinPoint – From this market price Trailing Stop will be activated.  MaxSpread – Max Spread Limit to open new trades. No Trade if market spread TradeOnce – Only one buy and Only one sell trade allowed per pair.
Prefix -  Prefix for a trade symbol Example – m.EURUSD  (m.) is prefix Postfix - Postfix for trade symbol. Example – EURUSDm m is suffix. Diff_Val -  Pips average movement for buy and sell symbol difference.  Magic – Trade magic number to identify currency symbol D1 v4.1’s opened trades. Display Command- EA status display on chart Reverse Trade – it stops default trend trads and to Open  PendingTrades in opposite Direction . Trade TimeOut-Expirty time to close open trades. Maximum holding trades duration time. StartHour- EA stars from start time. EndHour-No Trades after ending hours.  

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