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Monday, 28 November 2022
Cyber22 - STI V3 Intraday Trading
Cyber22 - STI V3 Intraday Trading

Cyber22 - STI V3 Intraday Trading

Watch the testing video here:


Best mt4 indicators -Cyber22-STIV2 Forex Template is a user-friendly Forex template. Suitable for any time frame, any currency pair. Best for major currency pairs. Which are EUR USD, USD CAD, AUD USD, NZD USD, USD JPY, USD CHF. There is a good indicator collection. This template good for scalping & trend trading. If you are using for scalping you can exit with the STI-OBOS indicator. you can’t change settings of these indicators.

STI-ARRZZ indicator appears on a higher & lower point. If the price will breakout a higher level or lower level, this indicator will disappear. The indicator will appear at a new high or low point again.

How to install this Best mt4 indicators-Cyber22-STIV2.

Download this Template> open meta trader plat form> go file menu> open data folder> open template> insert tpl. file> open MQL4> open indicators> insert ex4. files> restart meta trader plat form or refresh Navigator.

Once you install the Template, load any currency pairs & install template as you wish.

If you need to enter a buy trade you must wait until the following conditions are met. If STI-ARRZZ indicator will appear below the price in blue color, If STI-OBOS arrow will appear below the price, When STI-Examinator scalping line change to blue color & appear above 0 line then you can enter for a buy trade. When STI-ARRZZ will appear above the price in red color, When STI-OBOS arrow will appear above the price, When STI-Examinator scalping line change to red color & appear below 0 line then you can enter for a sell trade. You can place a stop loss above or below the STI-ARRZZ indicator.

You can exit your trade with the target to make a profit. Once you got opposite signals you can exit from your trade. If not you can use a trailing stop to exit your trade.

STI_ ARRZZ indicator is Blue.
White Arrow. below the price.
STI_Exami. appear Blue line.

STI_ ARRZZ indicator is Red.
White Arrow. over the price.
STI_Exami. appear Red line.

Exit with opposite White Arw.

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