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Sunday, 26 March 2023
Download Tipu MACD Forex Indicator For Mt4
Download Tipu MACD Forex Indicator For Mt4

Download Tipu MACD Forex Indicator For Mt4

Watch the testing video here:

How to Use

Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD), as the name suggests, is about Convergence and Divergence of two moving averages. There are three ways a MACD can be used:

  • Zero Line Cross – MACD zero line cross means the two moving averages cross. For example, when MACD crosses zero line from below, it means that the fast moving average has crossed the slow moving average and has moved up (bullish cross).
  • Signal Line Cross – MACD signal line is the simple moving average of the MACD main line and can help signal early change in the trend. For example, when the MACD main line crosses the signal line from below, it means the moving average trend is moving up. This can be used as a buy signal.
  • Convergence/Divergence – Divergence occurs when the MACD indicator directional movement is not confirmed by the price action. For example, a bullish divergence occurs when EURUSD makes lower low but the MACD indicator makes higher low. This means that EURUSD is losing momentum and a bullish correction is possible.


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