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Friday, 14 June 2024
Dragon EA V 4.1 | Free Download
Dragon EA V 4.1 | Free Download

Dragon EA V 4.1 | Free Download

Watch the testing video here:

dragon is very dangerous expert advisor and I wanted to share it with you just so that you don’t have to buy it.
Be careful while using it as it may cause you to lose all the money, even on micro cent account.

this is what devloper of this EA says:


Dragon EA uses an advanced triangular correlation strategy. This Strategy Design using a real-time algorithm to find the correlation between pairs, and find the best entries to make profits. This EA Developer claimthat you can generate 60%-110%+ Profit Monthly.

Developers claim also that their advanced forward testing shows that EA trades will be treated as regular trades like human trade on the broker side. And Keeps shady brokers from trading against you by guarding your trade information.


The expert failed the back test even though the balance is +10000$



Features of this EA

Plots chart price in real-time between all timeframes to find the best entry and exit points.

EA will find the correlation between Pairs and give hedge to your trade.

No need to set anything, our default Expert Advisor setting has been fully optimized.

Hide your take profit and stop loss so broker can’t cheat on you.

Choose the correlation pairs you want to trade. Expert Advisor will automatically adapt on the fly.

You can choose the time when expert advisors open the trade, whether in London/America/Australia/Asian Market.

Real-time managing your trade without any lag.


Recommendation And Requirements as developer says:


Minimum deposit: $5000 Or 50$ Cent Account

timeframe : 1H

best pairs : eurusd , gbpusd , usdjpy , usdcad , audusd

best time to use : Run EA only in Sydney and Tokyo Session.

test the EA on demo first and if you like it open NDD ACCOUNT on forex4you and run it with 50$ balance (5000 cent)






  • Magic ==> The magic number for track order
  • Lots ==> fixed lot
  • Distance ==> Distance per Open Position
  • Take Profit
  • Max Level Martingale
  • Level Risk ==> ex:10. When martingale level above 10 levels, EA is not waiting for TP, but override TP, when profit >$1 EA will close all orders.
  • Target Equity ==> ex:10000. EA will close all orders then disable activity when target equity reach.
  • Virtual TP ==> If there is too much request to the broker server, set virtual TP to true.
  • Time Filter ==> FALSE to turn off Time Filter | When True EA will only trade between the start and end time
  • Start ==> 24 (broker time)
  • End ==> 8 (broker time) 24-8(sydney-tokyo session +2 GMT)

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