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Thursday, 30 March 2023
EA Masyuk V3.
EA Masyuk V3.

EA Masyuk V3.

Watch the testing video here:

EA Masyuk V3.

Here I will update the performance of expert advisors purchased in pools in the CG forum.
 The name of this ea is Masyuk which is a version that has been updated by Bro Rizal (gaban13) and has been added with some inputs that aim to prevent our account from being hit by Margin Call (he said?)
 Other features include
 -"spike detector" -which works to prevent ea this from opening the next order in the event of a spike on the pair we trade.
 -"scalping" -ea this will start to open the post using scalping technique which is to charge TP of 10 pips. The next order will be opened when the opening distance reaches as we set according to the pair we trade and TP will change according to the settings we set. (Based on experience using this ea for about 2 weeks)
 There are some more inputs in the ea that I let use the default setting. What may need to be changed is only in the lot size and also spike detector (default = 75 pips) and also Magic Number if using pair the same in one terminal.
 As of today, the latest results are as below:

 As of today (30th day)
Total deposit USD700+USD200 = USD 900.00
Latest balance: USD1871.11
Total withdrawal: USD 202.00 (13.08.2009)
(Withdraw USD202.00 to equate the original capital of USD700.00) Balance: USD 1669.11 Total Profit: 1669.11-698 = USD + 971.11 Current Rate : USD1.00 = RM3.45 

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