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Sunday, 02 October 2022


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Auto Stop & Reverse Forex Pips Indicator For MT4

The auto stop & reverse Forex pips indicator is a winning signals indicator that’s always active in the market.

Many traders like these type of Forex signals indicators to trade with.

You only need to follow the buy/sell signals and reverse the position when the indicator tells you to do so.

The auto stop & reverse Forex pips MT4 indicator works best for scalping and day trading pairs during the London, New York and Tokyo sessions.

In order to get the most pips out of it, deploy the indicator on low spread currency pairs (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY,…).

Trading with this indicator is utterly simple:

  • A bullish trend occurs when the dots appear underneath the candlesticks.
  • A bearish trend occurs when the dots appear above the candlesticks.

I will explain below how to profit with this indicator.

Feel free to experiment with the indicator’s different parameters to create your own personalized buy/sell signals.

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