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Wednesday, 21 February 2024


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The high low moving average Indicator

The high low moving average is a study that allows a person to quickly calculate an average of both the high and low for a specific interval. Traders sometimes use this data as a way to measure the support areas as well as the resistance areas of the market. These areas tell the traders at what price level buyers enter the market and make purchases, and at what price level do sellers acquire profits. The average high is the resistance area. The average of the low is the support area. The high moving average contains ten bars, and the low average contains eight.

High-Low Moving Average Indicator or High-Low channel represents a forex trading indicator where moving average applied to a bar’s high or low prices instead of a bar’s close price. Instead of one moving average line, traders will have two moving average lines on a chart where one represents High’s Moving average, and the second is Moving average applied to a bar’s low price.

Traders can add High-Low Moving Average indicator as same as regularly choosing indicators in section Trend/Moving Average like in the image below:

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