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Tuesday, 05 March 2024


Watch the testing video here:

This strategy was devised by Team Aphid.

It is a medium term, easy to trade system with a good win loss ratio. It is traded using an indicator that is based on the ATR trailing stop.

Correct money management and risk is an extremely important factor in the success of using this system.

Attached you will also find the BAT ATR indicator.


1. During backtests, we used MT4 with Alpari data. You can use any MT4 platform and data feed but due to variations between platforms and data feed, traders will get different signals as ATR lines-Prices/times etc on data feeds vary.

2. Use 1 Hour Chart and start with GBPUSD. Later on, we’ll discuss other currencies as well.

3. Put on the indicator FF ATR Trailing Stop v 1. (Set the indicator parameters to ATR Period 5 and Factor to 4.0)

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