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Sunday, 22 May 2022


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THE B Clock Modified Indicator

Time might not seem as a very important data for many traders. Most traders would prefer having information regarding price movements as well as indications of where price might move next. However, market timing can also be very crucial because it ensures that the trade signals they are relying on still stands at the close of the candle. The B Clock Modified Indicator is an indicator which can help traders time their trades up to the last second.

What is the B Clock Modified Indicator?

The B Clock Modified Indicator is a simple time-based technical indicator. It simply plots the remaining time before a candle closes on the upper left corner of the price chart.

It also displays another remaining time in minutes on the upper right edge of the price chart. The remaining time is higher when used on the higher timeframes since the B Clock Modified Indicator only displays time in minutes. It also displays a “<” sign indicating that the remaining time is lesser than what is displayed.

How to use the B Clock Modified Indicator for MT4

The B Clock Modified Indicator has no modifiable settings. This is because the indicator is very simple and nothing has to be tweaked within its algorithm.

The B Clock Modified Indicator can be used by scalpers and day traders especially on the lower time frames. This is because most scalpers and day traders rely heavily on market timing. The trade signals that they use can be nullified within seconds if price is moving erratically. This usually happens for trade signals that are based on price action and reversal candlestick patterns. However, this also commonly happens for trade signals which are based on technical indicators. This is because most technical indicators repaint especially if its algorithm runs real time and not at candle close.

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