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Wednesday, 19 June 2024


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Forex Mass Index Indicator


The Mass Index forex indicator for MetaTrader4 was developed by Donald Dorsey and deploys the high-low range to spot reversals in trend in respect to expansions in range.

In this vein, the Mass Index is a volatility technical studies that is devoid of a directional bias.

In its place, it spots range bulges that usually warn of a possible reversal in the current trend.

Basically, the Mass Index does remarkably well at spotting impending change in trend, but cannot tell the direction the trend is changing.

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Mass_Index tries to spot “reversal bulges” as described by its creator. When the Mass_Index moves above the 27 level, a bulge kicks in. The signal is not complete on the initial bulge.

The creator of this indicator waits for the bulge to reverse with a move below the 26.50 level.

Upon completing the reversal bulge, chartist are expected to deploy other technical studies to ascertain the direction of the next price move.

The Mass_Index surges as the high-low range widens and dips as the high-low range narrows.

Preferably, a downtrend that is trailed by a reversal bulge would indicate a bullish trend reversal.

On the contrary, an uptrend that is trailed by a reversal bulge is indicative of a bearish trend reversal.

To be able to yield more signals, chartist should deploy other analysis procedures to compliment the Mass_Index indicator.

Volatility can always be measured using standard deviation or other technical indicators like standard deviation, while the reversal bulge function of the Mass_Index can offer a matchless outlook regarding the condition of the market.

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