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Sunday, 14 April 2024


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Round Levels MetaTrader indicator — an MT4/MT5 indicator that can display round levels and zones near them based on your configuration. It can be useful to trade off the natural psychological support and resistance zones.


Input parameters

  • Levels (default = 5) — the number of round levels to process in each direction (up and down).
  • Interval (default = 50) — the interval in points between round levels. For example, the default value of 50 means that a level will be drawn each 50 points.
  • ZoneWidth (default = 10) — the width of the zone in points.
  • ColorUp (default = clrFireBrick) — the color of the round level zones that will be drawn above the current price.
  • ColorDn (default = clrDarkGreen) — the color of the round level zones that will be drawn below the current price.
  • InvertZones (default = false) — inverted zones are highlighted with the colors outside the zone boundaries vs. inside in non-inverted zones.
  • DrawLines (default = false) — if true lines will be drawn at round levels in addition to zones.
  • LineColor (default = clrDarkGray) — the color of the round level lines.
  • LineWidth (default = 1) — the width of the round level lines.
  • LineStyle (default = STYLE_DASHDOT) — the style of the round level lines.
  • ObjectPrefix (default = "RoundLevels") — the prefix to add to the chart object names. Only change this if there are conflicts with some other indicators on the chart.


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