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Thursday, 30 March 2023
Forex Warrior
Forex Warrior

Forex Warrior

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Forex Warrior Review Introduction


Forex Warrior is a Grid expert advisor, it remains in the market 24/7 opening long and short positions simultaneously applying a precisely selected martingale-based strategy.

Broker / VPS Recommendation

Forex Warrior is designed so that its works well on most brokers. The only exceptions are NFA-regulated brokers: Forex Warrior trades both long and short at the same time, which is not allowed by NFA brokers.
 Generally, high leverage (1:300 or higher) is preferable, as it reduces the margin load on your deposit. If your deposit is less than $10,000, you have to use a cent account, so you need to find a broker, which provides cent accounts.

Recommended Money Management

  • The Minimal Deposit:
     $10,000 for regular $ accounts with minimal lot 0.01
     $1,000 for 
    cent accounts with minimal lot 0.1
     $100 for cent accounts with minimal lot 0.01
  • If you are trading with the minimal deposit, you should set the starting lot to the minimum lot size, trade one currency pair only (best, GBPUSD) and we recommend that you use one of the low-risk sets.
  • For optimal performance (profit/risk ratio), we recommend using a deposit of 30,000 (that is, 3 times the minimal deposit) or larger and trading simultaneously 3 currency pairs. A good choice for the currency pairs might be 1. GBPUSD, 2. EURUSD or EURGBP, and 3. AUDUSD or NZDUSD. Another good choice might be to run 2 copies of EA with different settings (and magic numbers!!) on GBPUSD and one copy on EURUSD.
  • The recommended starting lot size is 0.01 per each 10,000 of your deposit and one currency pair. E.g., if your deposit is $30,000 and you are trading 3 currency pairs, the starting lot size should be 0.01.


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