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Sunday, 14 April 2024
Gold Catcher V2 FREE NOW
Gold Catcher V2 FREE NOW

Gold Catcher V2 FREE NOW

Watch the testing video here:

Gold Catcher EA is an automatic trading robot to trade Gold(XAUUSD). It is a robot specifically adapted to withstand the high volatility conditions usually seen in gold. Its a strategy based on a series of indicators that measure the strength of the market to enter trades, when market conditions allow it.

You can configure fixed or martingale lot, risk level, and the maximum number of trades open at once. It does not use stop-loss, so the lottery should not be abused. At lower time Frames, it is riskier, so it should be used with caution and a higher balance.


  • Minimum Account Balance of 1000$ for 0.01 Lot or equivalent cent/micro/… account
  • It is recommended to Run This EA 24/5
  • Recommended Pair XAUUSD/Gold(obviously), Gold Catcher still works with other pairs but recommended to tinker with settings for use in other pairs.
  • 30M/H1 Time Frames Recommended
  • ECN Broker Recommended (Find the Perfect Broker

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