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Thursday, 18 July 2024


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Laguerre_RSI Forex Indicator is just an alteration of the relative strength forex indicator (RSI).

This forex indicator eliminates the effects of delay and whipsaws produced by the forex indicators that apply the smoothing technical. The Laguerre_RSI MT4 forex indicator achieves this by using a filter and incorporating more changes to the usual relative strength indicator.

Its data calculations use the previous four recent bars.

This is a forex indicator that a trader can use in technical forex trading. It is more responsive and has less noise as compared to the forex RSI indicator.

Features of Laguerre_RSI Indicator

Laguerre_RSI forex Indicator combines the use of two other parameters. These two parameters are the array and the gamma. The variety is the series of close times used in calculating the indicator (outlining the indicator). On the other hand, gamma is a filter used in conjunction with the array for the forex indicator to be effective.

The gamma is used as a chart price damping factor which, if a better aggressive entry signal is desired,, is lowered accordingly or, on the other hand, raised to encourage more antagonistic signals. The gamma input scale has a range of -0.5 to 1.05.


Fig.1. indicator main features of Laguerre_RSI

Interpreting the Laguerre_RSI forex indicator in connection with the market prices.

When using the Laguerre_RSI indicator, what is most important is looking at the RSI position concerning the gamma levels (0, 0.15, 0.45, 0.85, and 1). The most important levels to check are 0.15 and the o.85.

When the Laguerre_RSI forex indicator rises and crosses the o.15 level, a trader is 90% guaranteed a possible uptrend. If the trend continues and the forex indicator gets flats at a level above 0.85, then you are assured that the current chart uptrend is persistent.

When the Laguerre_RSI forex indicator starts to drop and crosses the o.85 level, a forex trader is 50% guaranteed a possible downtrend. That is if the previous chart uptrend had caused the indicator to cross the 0.85 level. If the market trend continues and the indicator gets flats below 0.15, you get an assurance that the current downtrend is persistent.

Fig.2. interpreting the market using forex laguerre_RSI

Therefore you have to practice a lot before opening a trade. In so doing, you also have to consider the Laguerre Filter line that is plotted directly on the chart like a forex moving average.

Trading using Indicator Laguerre_RSI

Buy orders: place a buy entry order when during an uptrend, the forex indicator crosses the 0.15 level. But you should also make sure that by the time you are putting the position, the price (bars on the chart) is above the Laguerre Filter line.

Fig.3. placing a sell entry order

Sell order: Place an entry order when the forex indicator crosses the 0.85 indicator during a downtrend. But you should also make sure that by the time you are putting the position, the price (bars on the chart) is below the Laguerre Filter line.

Then when trading, it is advisable to ensure that you have a specific target of trade pips you are targeting for good profit making and if the market misbehaves for stop loss(SL). Hence use the right stop levels for the sake of good risk management. 



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