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Thursday, 13 June 2024


Watch the testing video here:


Scalper Strategy is the most useful strategy oven 50% of the trader. Golden Scalper EA can be your primary choice if you want to automate your scalping in the forex market. You can also check our other EA like Girrassol EA or Black Diamond EA.

You know scalping this is something like quick trade in a low time frame. A trader usually takes a high risk and chose the most accurate position for scalping trading. Most of the time scalpers use support and resistance indicators and a few other related indicators. We are introducing a new EA which is built based on scalping trading. 

This forex robot is created based on the gold trading style. If you do not know, gold is one of the most manipulated trading assets in the forex market. So the robot is complex and profitable compare to the other forex robot.

The profitability of this EA is awesome. This EA analyzes the market and takes automatic trade. After a while, you will certainly make profits. We are giving this EA for free. If you like you can download this EA and test it to your demo account in the back testing mode.

Drawdown is part of the game. You can experience some drawdown when you are using this forex robot. But this will not be a huge issue for you. This forex robot usually gives low drawdowns.

This forex robot is created for MT4 use. We cannot use other platforms to use this forex robot. Although this forex is for gold trading, you can use this forex robot for other forex pairs. You can test and find out the best use.

We cannot trade with the retail broker. If forex brokers take our money and run away we cannot do, so we have to choose a regulated broker. And if that broker is low spread, it will be a massive have for the commodity market. We recommend using a low spread broker when you are running any EA. Ic markets broker is a better option.

When you are using this EA in the real account. Please follow proper money management. we recommend starting with a 0.01 lot size. But if you like you get high profit with the high risk you can also increase your lot size. But do not be greedy and do not lose your emotional control when you are in the market. All the best for your trading journey.

We also share some other forex scalping robots you can test, Scalper Pro Robot is one of them. We recommend testing as many forex robots as you can. We never know which robot can be life-changing.

You can download this EA from the download button below.

How to use:

Step 1: Register Zero Spread Broker:

Become Funded Trader 10K-200K:

Step 2: Download the EA’s file

Step 3: Install the EA to your MT4 platform

Step 4: Run the EA to your demo account first

Step 5: After testing, if profits go to real account

Step 6: Make Profit

** Reliable forex VPS:


Recommended Settings:

Recommended balance minimum $100
 Initial Lot: $0.01
 Time frame: 1 minute



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