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Sunday, 26 March 2023
MA2 Cross AA Cross & Signal Indicator
MA2 Cross AA Cross & Signal Indicator

MA2 Cross AA Cross & Signal Indicator

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MA2 Cross AA Cross & Signal Indicator

The MA2 Cross AA Cross & Signal Indicator is a crossover-based trend-following forex trading tool for the MT4 trading platforms that works with all timeframe charts. Using its crossover technique, this indicator can detect market trends and generate trading signals depending on the trend directions.

The MA2 Cross AA Cross & Signal Indicator can be used to trade a variety of forex currency pairings all around the world. Furthermore, its ease of use provides significant benefits to beginner traders who are having difficulty correctly describing market trends.

Overview of the MA2 Cross, AA Cross, and Signal Indicator

After you've finished installing the indicator on the MT4 interface, your trading chart should look like this.


The indicator applies 10 and 21-day Exponential Moving Averages and combines them with the AA Cross method for producing crossover trend signals. Once a trend is confirmed, you’re ready to activate your trade along with the trend directions. The blue MA moves above the red one represent the bullish crossover signal which can also be identified by a white uppish arrow plotted below the price bar by the indicator. For short entries, the blue MA must be moved below the red MA and a red downward arrow should be plotted below the price bars.




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