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Sunday, 29 January 2023
MACD MTF Smoothed Alert indicator
MACD MTF Smoothed Alert indicator

MACD MTF Smoothed Alert indicator

Watch the testing video here:

Multiple temporal indicators with alerts have been smoothed using the new MACD.

Signals are given when the MACD crosses the zero level or the signals line, and arrows are drawn on the main chart pane.

I added a second dash line to make ot easier to discover concealed divergence.

This particular indicator allow you to smoth original MACD calculations to reduce unwanted signals.


Timeframe- timeframe of MACD (currnet byy default)

FastEMA- fast moving average of MACD

SlowEma - slow moving average of MACD

SignalsSMA - signal moving avarage of MACD

IndicatorSmooth - amount of smooth ( 1-off)

IndicatorSmoothMethod - smooth formula

DrwaBars - amount of bar to draw indicator data



MACDzeroLineCrossAlert - zero-line crossover signals

MACDSignallineCrossAlert - MACD and signal line crossover signals

MACDupSignals - allow buy signals

MACDDownSignals - allow sell signals

PopupAler - enable terminal alert windows



New version with multiple timeframe usage 

04.05.2022 Added historical arrows

05.05.2022 Added smooth and style parameters

Multiple Timeframes

Pro Tips:

You can get a signal from a combination of indicators.

Follow the link to learn how to combine two or more signal alert indicators together.


How to install:

  1. download the file
  2. Unzip the archive and copy the MQL4 folder from the archive to your terminal Data folder
  3. Restart the terminal and apply the indicator to a chart
  4. Register a valid email with a single-time donation or log in with a previously registered email address

How to find Data folders:

In the terminal click the File menu- Open Data Folder


Good trading!





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