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Sunday, 14 April 2024
ProfitMaker (KING OF PIPS) SWING indicator mt4
ProfitMaker (KING OF PIPS) SWING indicator mt4

ProfitMaker (KING OF PIPS) SWING indicator mt4

Watch the testing video here:

Profit Maker (SWING SYSTEM)


Sessions:  All Sessions

Time Frames: 30min & 1HR

The VVIP PROFITMAKER (King Of Pips) Version Swing System (2020)  indicator is a closed code trend indicator. What its rendering is based on is anyone’s guess.
On the chart, the indicator will represent a set of red candles (bearish market sentiment), a set of blue candles (bullish market sentiment) and undefined areas with white candles. After a series of white candles, a blue candle appears and a blue up arrow indicates a buy signal). If a red candlestick and a pink downward arrow appear – a sell signal.


Trading platform:  MetaTrader 4
Trading instruments:  any currency pairs (preferably EURUSD)
Timeframe:  M30 and H1 (any trading session)

In the indicator settings, only the alert displays are displayed – turn on or off, sound, pop-up window.

Purchase rules:

Entrance to the purchase – if a blue candle and a blue arrow appear;
Exit a purchase – if the color of the candle changes to white or red.
The second exit option (according to the author’s strategy) is a take profit of 40 pips (400 pips), a stop loss is manual closing when the candlestick color changes.




After  reviewing the VVIP PROFITMAKER indicator  on history, as well as visualizing its work in the strategy tester, no redrawings were noticed. It is better to use the recommended timeframes for trading – М30 and Н1. On the basis of this indicator, it is quite possible to build your own trading system in order not to stay in the market for a long time (intraday trading option), or try to take the entire trend movement (in this case, you will need knowledge of the levels to set take profit, or use additional tools to determine more optimal goals). It is probably possible to create a simple Expert Advisor based on this indicator, which will only work on changing the color of the candle, or more progressively – use take, topping, and more.

The VIP PROFITMAKER (King Of Pips) Version Swing System (2020) Indicator can be downloaded for free  and a template for its installation on the chart can be found in the attached archive.
Try it on real quotes in real time, share your impressions and your best practices with this indicator.






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