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Monday, 22 July 2024
RF StarLink Binary Bot
RF StarLink Binary Bot

RF StarLink Binary Bot

Watch the testing video here:

RF StarLink Binary Bot is available as an XML file, which you can load, or modify on the Binary Bot and DBot workspaces. With a minimum of 0.35 USD, you can start trading on the Volatility 100 Index and trade Over/Under. 

You can also use a Martingale multiplier, which doubles your stake for the next trade every time you lose a contract. To help manage your capital, you can set your maximum loss at 40 USD and target profit at 1 to 20 USD or at least 5% of your balance.

See this user guide on how to trade with Profit Hunter’s Over/Under Modal Bot 

Key features

  • 0.35 USD minimum stake
  • Martingale multiplier
  • Ability to set target profit and loss

System requirements

  • Internet access
  • Binary.com Account
  • Access to BinaryBot / DBot

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