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Monday, 28 November 2022


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The best FX trader's assistance is TraderAgent. It does not make judgments or open positions and is not an automatic trading robot (EA), but it does support your professional work when you trade manually. You only need to click once to open the position because all pertinent information is shown on the chart. The open position can be managed as easily as possible by dragging and dropping the stop loss (SL) and taking profit (TP) levels using your mouse or another pointing device. Following that, TraderAgent will serve as a position management tool for you.

Unlike the majority of similar tools that are currently on the market, TraderAgent can assist you in managing trading risk. The amount of trade (Lots) on each new position is calculated by TraderAgent automatically once the maximum risk per position has been established.

Anyone might rapidly learn how to utilise TraderAgent successfully during daytrading because to its user-friendly graphical interface.

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