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Monday, 28 November 2022
How much i make in a trend without loss
How much i make in a trend without loss

How much i make in a trend without loss

Watch the testing video here:

How much i make in a trend without loss

Today am going to show you how to make
the most profit out of a trending market
 with an indicator

Let me show you how to make
profit from a trending market

Let's get started

This market was in an uptrend
then we got a breakout
to the down-side

The zone line also signified
the change in the market trend

Now we wait for a confirmation
signal to place a sell order

Now market is consolidating
we wait for a breakout

Note: we only look to buy when the
market breaks above the previous high

We got our breakout to the downside
Made our first profit

This is a retracement in the market
We are still sellers in the market
So we wait to sell again

Market is moving sideways again
We got a sell entry signal and
A breakout to sell again
Again, another profit
Let’s wait for another opportunity to sell

The zone indicator tells us to sell
 the breakout is our entry signal

Another profit once again

We made 3 profits in this market
That’s about 150pips in this trend

This is how to trade and make profits
In  a trending market without loss

Thanks for watching…

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