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Saturday, 28 January 2023


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The Volatility 10 index bot works the same as our Volatility 10 index bot but works with the broker binary.com.

So, we have two bots that work the same but with different brokers, just in case you are getting confused.

One is the Volatility 10 index bot and this one is the Volatility Binary bot.

The names of the brokers that they work with are in the titles.

The Volatility 10 index bot is to download for anybody with a binary.com account and there are no restrictions from our side and there is no need for license keys or anything like that.

Just download it and it is ready to use with an API Token for either your demo or a real account on a Windows machine only.

This is how the Volatility 10 index bot looks

If we look at the image above and in the window chart, you will see those two blue lines above and below the candles. Those are the volatility lines and they can be set by what is called a factor. 

The above example is on a 1-minute chart. and the factor is set at 3.8 but you can set your own factor number. 

The bigger the number, the wider the gap between the lines. 

The lower the factor the more narrow the gap between the lines.

The lower the Factor number, the more trading action, and the higher the number the fewer trades and more conservative. 

We have supplied you with settings for all the different Money Managements and for the Forex Options with a factor of 3.8 and on the one-minute chart with a trade expiry time of 5 minutes with No Follow Trend, so reversal trade.

We have also supplied you with 2 settings for the Volatility Indexes with a factor of 2 and Follow Trend and No Follow Trend.

Anytime some extreme volatility comes into the market and the price (candle) touches one of the volatility lines, a trade is instantly initiated in the opposite direction if we have it set for No Trend Following or in the same direction as the trend if we have it set for Trend Following.

The bot settings are very self-explanatory and we want you to test out different settings and demo trade them for yourself.


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