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Saturday, 28 January 2023
X-Smart Trader - MT5 Free Trading System
X-Smart Trader - MT5 Free Trading System

X-Smart Trader - MT5 Free Trading System

Watch the testing video here:

X-Smart Trader - MT5 Free Trading System

X-Smart Trader is a modern trading system for MT5 with all the requirements for safe trading. Of course, the system is 100% non-repainting, has a filter oscillator and an auxiliary trading assistant for more convenient opening / closing of a position.

–°haracteristics of the X-Smart Trader

  • Platform: Metatrader5
  • Currency pairs: Any currency pairs, recommended Major
  • Trading Time: Any, recommended London and New York trading sessions
  • Time Frame: Any

Trading rules

To install X Smart Trader on a chart, use one of two templates:

  • XSM TRADER Dynamic Mode - for a large number of signals and the highest trading risk (scalping).
  • XSM TRADER Normal Mode - for a moderate number of signals and balanced risk (day trading, swing trading).

To enter a trade on a system signal, you do not need to be a market trading guru. It is enough just to follow the simple signals of the system by comparing them with the filter-oscillator.


  1. Blue diamond
  2. Blue oscillator:


  1. Red diamond
  2. Red oscillator:


Stop Loss should be set a few pips above/below the previous local price high/low. In addition, be sure to close the current trade when a diamond of the opposite color appears or when the color of the oscillator changes to the opposite. However, it is not necessary that both of these conditions be met simultaneously.

TakeProfit = 2*StopLoss

So that you do not miss the next trading signal, the system is equipped with a 3-level notification system (Email, phone push-notification and Alert).

As I wrote above, the system has an auxiliary EA - FTB Trade Panel, which allows you to manage trading in one place. But at the same time, “Algo Trading” should be enabled:

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