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Thursday, 08 December 2022
YOLO Diamond hands v4.4
YOLO Diamond hands v4.4

YOLO Diamond hands v4.4

Watch the testing video here:

YOLO Diamond hands v4.4 

Yolo is a safe martingale strategy but easy to use on XAUUSD and all currencies. Also for manual users to trade with a panel on the chart.

Signals MONITORS —> 

The best match with indicator : 

  • Full Auto trade the direction with trends to prevent a huge drawdown 
  • trading panel for users to choose the direction 
  • All hidden TP and hidden breakeven price 
  • Mobile apps orders control 

(Please do not use another EA in the same account / YOLO will not manage orders only by MagicNumber) 

  • 1000 USD to start or any cent account 
  • VPS long run and user allow to make the first decision  order by mobile terminal , and follow will be managed by YOLO 


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