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Sunday, 29 January 2023
Zone Recovery Hedge V1
Zone Recovery Hedge V1

Zone Recovery Hedge V1

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Zone Recovery Hedge V1

Zone Recovery Hedge V1 permits you to turn unprofitable trades into profitable ones by using an intelligent back-and-forth hedging mechanism. that i call the approach “No more losses”. allow the price go where it needs – the CAP Zone Recovery EA EA earns any situation. Guaranteed! The key of this amazing Expert Advisor is the renowned trading algorithm “Zone recoveryalgorithm” (Zone recovery algorithm) or ” true Forex Hedging Strategy “(The Surefire Forex Hedging Strategy).

The Zone Recovery Hedge V1 is very easy to use. You simply open a trade in a trending market regardless of the management. set the take profit level, do not put a stop loss! This means that you will no longer receive a loss on the stop loss! The Expert Advisor uses an intelligent hedging system that turns losses into profit. If the market goes in an unfavorable direction, the recovery zone Algorithm will hedge your trade by placing an opposite order of a larger size. If the market turns around again, the same mechanism will be activated. The result is a “trading channel” with an upper level of take profit and a lower take profit, as well as a variable series of buy and sell transactions at certain levels and with different lot sizes within this channel. As soon as it works as one of the TP levels – and we know that it is exactly either the upper or lower take profit-all open trades are closed with a total profit.


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