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Tuesday, 30 May 2023


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FIP Forex Buy & Sell System


Introduction to the FIP Forex Buy & Sell System

The FIP Forex Buy & Sell System is, as the name suggests, a buy/sell arrows forex trading strategy. At the first glance, it may look, like it’s providing crazy accurate signals. Unfortunately, we have conducted the test, and as a result, we proved that it is a heavy repainting indicator and we don’t recommend using it standalone. However, when pairing it with other technical analysis tools, it may come in handy for defining market tops and bottoms.

The FIP Forex Buy & Sell System fits all kinds of timeframes and currency pairs. It is displayed directly on the main trading chart. The default settings can be modified. Feel free to experiment with the settings and parameters to fit your personal preferences.

How to set up the FIP Forex Buy & Sell System in MT4?

Installation Guide

Download the FIP Forex Buy & Sell.rar archive at the bottom of this post, unpack it, then copy and paste the indicators files of the FIP Forex Buy & Sell System into the MQL4 folder of the Metatrader 4 trading platform.

You can gain access to this folder by clicking the top menu options, which goes as follows:

File > Open Data Folder > MQL4 > Indicators (paste here).

Furthermore, to run the FIP Forex Buy & Sell System you need to copy the template file into the templates folder. To proceed, right-click on a chart, then Template > Open Templates, and then copy the FIP Forex Buy & Sell System.tpl file into that folder. Now select the file and click Open to load the system on your chart.

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