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Friday, 03 February 2023
MT4 RSI Alerts Indicator
MT4 RSI Alerts Indicator

MT4 RSI Alerts Indicator

Watch the testing video here:

The Relative Strength Index or RSI indicator is one of the most frequently used indicators in trading. Unfortunately, the RSI indicator that comes standard with MT4 is lacking a few key features.

If you have been frustrated with the vanilla version of this indicator, then our customized version just might be what you are looking for…

Summary of How the MT4 RSI Alerts Indicator Works

Our custom RSI indicator uses the standard RSI calculation, but it adds a few super-useful upgrades. This is the RSI indicator that should come standard with MT4. 

Obviously we are a little biased, but have a look and  decide for yourself.

Our indicator has the following benefits:

  • Never miss another RSI setup when you are away from your computer
  • A colored RSI line makes it easy to see when price is overbought or oversold
  • Get alerts when price moves into overbought/oversold, out of overbought/oversold, or both
  • Customize how you want to receive alerts: screen, mobile app push notification, text message (where available) and/or email. Choose one or more methods that work for you.

Update! Version 3 of the indicator now allows you to do the following: 

  • Set custom secondary visual levels
  • The secondary levels also change the color of the RSI line

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